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Modular space
A modular building is a pre-engineered structure that is flexible enough to satisfy virtually any requirement... tougher than standard drywall construction, expandable, re-locatable and completely re-usable.

One obvious advantage that modular construction has over conventional construction is cost. Not only can one save up to 35% on the initial construction costs like labor and materials, but there are other benefits as well.

A standard 12 x 16 inplant office can be assembled in less than one day, compared to standard construction, which can take several weeks - especially when dealing with design permits or multiple contractors. Plant disruptions are reduced to a minimum, eliminating costly reductions in productivity often caused by the distractions of construction. The cost savings are significant.

Selective Rack
This is the most popular storage rack system. The single pick face offers 100% pallet selectivity. 

Pallet Flow Rack 
Pallet Flow Rack is for full pallet picking and will require minimal aisles because pallet loads are stored back to back flush in the rack.  Great for pallet SKU’s in quantity when FIFO inventory is desired. Pallets can be stored 2-20 deep.

Cantilever Rack
Versatile and durable, cantilever allows you store just about anything, from lumber and steel to standard pallets. 

Drive-In Rack System
Drive-in rack is the most cost effective high-density system.

Push Back Rack
Push Back rack provides all of the density of a drive-in system without having to drive into the rack.  This feature helps maintain the pallet rack system and holds damage to a minimum.

Rack Repair – Mac Rak Inc.
Custom Engineered Pallet Rack Repair Kits are much stronger than the original factory material and in most cases can be installed without unloading your racks.

Mezzanines provide more efficient use of existing overhead space. It can support equipment, conveyors, materials, parts or products or be used to elevate plant and factory offices. Use mezzanines to create storage space and provide access over machinery and materials.


Seegrid Robotic Industrial Trucks
COMBiLiFT Multidirectional Forklifts
Conveyor (Chain drive, Live Roller & Gravity)
Shelving / Modular Drawers / Storage Cabinets
Crane Systems (Bridge, Jib, & Gantry)
Loading Dock Levelers, Seals, and Shelters
Guard Rail / Wire Partitions / Safety Netting
Pedestrian and Forklift Detection Safety Equipment


Pallet Rack

Steel King - www.steelking.com
Ridg-U-Rak - www.ridgurak.com
Unarco- www.unarcorack.com
Wireway Husky - www.wirewayhusky.com
Creative Storage Systems- www.creativestorage.com
Mac Rak - Rack Repair Kits - www.macrak.com

Mezzanines & Modular Space

Steele Solutions- www.steelesolutions.com
Wildeck - www.wildeck.com
Portafab - www.portafab.com
Panel Built - www.panelbuilt.com
Cogan - www.cogan.com

Conveyor & Flow Cell

Omni Metalcraft - www.omnimetalcraft.com
Unex - www.unex.com

Ergonomic Equipment

Autoquip - www.autoquip.com
Presto - www.prestolifts.com

Shelving & Parts Storage Systems

Penco Products - www.pencoproducts.com

Dock Equipment

Bluff- www.bluffmanufacturing.com
Koke Inc. - www.kokeinc.com

Custom Engineered Equipment

Superior Engineering - www.superioreng.com